A downloadable game for Windows

Alien Invasion Consultant

A.I.C. is a fast paced decision making game.
Aiming at accumulating as much Xollar as possible, before the time runs out.


You  get into the role of a fresh baked invasion consultant, of an unknown alien race. Your target is to exploit as many planets as possible.
There is no  lack of  weapons in the consulting stage, but time is limited.
Look precesily which ressources a planet has to offer and decide fast,
to  supplement your salary and make a positive impression on the boss.


With every new planet, a question arises:
Should the alien troops  be send out for an invasion or should search continue.
Correct decisions are rewarded by the accounting department,
wrong decisions get punished heavily.

Do you have what it takes to become  an interstellar invader ? Proof it now!


  • hand crafted visuals
  • generated cards and conditions
  • combo-system
  • visual and audio feedback
  • detailed tutorial / mechanics explanation
  • inputs: mouse swipe, A D and <- ->


Planet textures where used and altered in a procedural kitbash from: 
(Also the  milkyway in the banner is from there)
https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/ under the CC BY 4.0 Licence



If you have suggestions, bugs or anything else  use the forum below   👍


A.I.C_Win.7z 40 MB